WPRR 1680--What's with the Catholic Programming on Sundays?

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WPRR 1680--What's with the Catholic Programming on Sundays?

Post  NedStark on Mon Oct 12, 2009 3:11 pm

I tuned to 1680 AM yesterday and heard some catholic priest talking about men and women, saying how we're the only creatures designed for monogamy and other blatant falsehoods. Then later that night I tried again and it was a solid 10 minutes (I turned the station and checked back every so often) of "Hail Mary Mother of God....," the same thing, just a man repeating one line and a woman repeating the next, over and over, in these really hypnotic and new-agey voices. It sounded like something a cult would use to brainwash new recruits.

So what gives? Why is a CFI radio station broadcasting religious programming? Or does the CFI share that frequency with another station?


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