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One in the eye for the Lunar conspiracy nutters.

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One in the eye for the Lunar conspiracy nutters. Empty One in the eye for the Lunar conspiracy nutters.

Post  Stanley Fri Oct 30, 2009 12:33 pm


"So… and come on, you knew this was coming… looks like the Apollo Moan Hoax Believers have been slapped across the face with a wet fish yet again! We now have a photograph of a flag standing on the Moon, right where it was thrust into the lunar surface by astronauts. As far as I’m concerned that’s it, Game Over. Of course, die-hard Hoax Believers won’t buy it, not for a moment; they have too much time and face invested in carrying on with their little crusade to back down now. They’ll say that “a few pixels prove nothing”, that it’s just a Photoshop job by someone at NASA. Whatever. They can go on believing what they want to… while the rest of us laugh at them, knowing that in the “My Big Book Of Stupid Things To Believe”, believing that the Moon landings were faked is right there at the top of page 1."

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