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I have really enjoyed your podcasts

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I have really enjoyed your podcasts Empty I have really enjoyed your podcasts

Post  elder korihor Thu Feb 04, 2010 1:53 pm

OK, so I'm already an atheist and freethinker, but you guys have given me lots of new perspectives and information on a wide variety of topics to think about and reinforce my commitment to secualrism. I thik I've listened to most, maybe all of your podcasts since I found your show about a year ago. So keep it up. I particualrly have enjoyed the Sagan "Logos" episode, and found the last one on Islam (something I deal with every day at work) very helpful. You would be surprised how little training or education, even people in intelligence, get on Islam, unless they actively seek it out - and even then it's pretty watered down. I guess I see myself as a sort of Hitchens atheist, in that I reject cultural conservatism, but reject post-modernist relativism as well, and am supportive of the concept of the so called Global War on Terror (though its execution has often left much to be desired).
I work in the Pentagon near Washington DC (as an intelligence analyst for a branch of the military), and will alert you to any funny business I see with religion going on here, but so far in my entire career as a civilian working for the Defense Dept, I have seen darn few abuses. I get the sense that the high ranking, well-educated people in the Defense establishment in the DC area are in general better educated and usually more tolerant than people out in the field tend to be.

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