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Brian Swimme on Evolutionary Spirituality

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Brian Swimme on Evolutionary Spirituality Empty Brian Swimme on Evolutionary Spirituality

Post  Lausten Wed Jun 30, 2010 11:02 am

I would like to hear a podcast on this topic, but lets see what others have to say.

A friend of mine directed me to this page Evolutionary Spirituality. I had strong disagreements with some of the interviews, but found the one with Brian Swimme interesting. Brian discovered Tielhard de Chardin early in his life and it influenced how he approaches cosmology. What is interesting about the interview is where Brian draws the line with the interviewer and says he is taking these ideas and going off into woo-woo land with them (although Brian uses much nicer terminology). Brian likes poetry and takes cosmology and sees symbolism in it, but he doesn't take that step of claiming that he now has insight into the universe's plan for us.

I think Jeremy may find it enlightening to hear how Brian gets the interviewer squirming, but allows for their disagreement in a way that keeps the conversation moving. This is much different from Jeremy's recent interview however since the interviewer respects Brian's ideas. The interviewer is caught off guard when Brian begins to draw distinctions that he didn't expect.

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