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Episode 29: Free Willy vs. Determinator

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Episode 29: Free Willy vs. Determinator Empty Episode 29: Free Willy vs. Determinator

Post  Admin Wed Sep 09, 2009 4:23 pm

Episode 29 questions/comments here --

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Episode 29: Free Willy vs. Determinator Empty Re: Episode 29: Free Willy vs. Determinator

Post  Lausten Wed Sep 23, 2009 12:16 pm

I have already made the mistake once of commenting on Part 1 of show, only to have my comments addressed in Part 2, so I hope I don’t make that mistake again. Also the comments on the blog cover most of what I would say about how if you keep tracing back as (I think Luke) suggested from the movement of your wrist to “what caused that” and “what caused that”, eventually you get down to quantum physics. Currently we call the motion of particles at that level “random” or “probable”, which as a layman, I interpret as “we don’t know”, so to conclude that all actions are pre-determined seems logically incorrect.

But forgetting about that for the moment, I used to conduct experiments on my own mind and I’d like to share a story. This one involved a computer science student and an artist, a sand mandala, some mushrooms and about 5 acres of woods that had been logged many years earlier. For the control group, well, we didn’t have that.

The experiment part was when I went for a walk around the 5 acres to see what would happen. I took off in a random direction (or was it?) and walked through some brush. At some point one foot landed several inches lower than the other. I had a sudden feeling of trucks passing by within inches of my face and men in overalls with big tools in their hands walking by me and even through me. I looked to one side and although the only light I had was moonlight, I could tell I was standing on the primitive road that was now more of a deer trail.

For a long time I considered it a spiritual experience. It took a while for the effects of the external factors that I was experimenting with to wear off. Now I think the story says something about how our nervous systems process information. Before we can consciously describe a situation using our learned language skills, even to ourselves, there are a plethora of feelings and images that pass through our neurons. I don’t think the experiments that were discussed in this episode addressed that very well.

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