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Vegetarianism - Page 4 Empty Re: Vegetarianism

Post  Sosa Sat Jul 17, 2010 11:26 am

Do animals have basic rights? thoughts?

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Vegetarianism - Page 4 Empty Re: Vegetarianism

Post  2buckchuck Wed Sep 15, 2010 11:31 am

Clint wrote:But seriously folks. I'm a molecular biologist/microbiologist by trade, not a stupid guy by any means, but my understanding of philosophical propositions beyond basic logic is embarrassingly limited, so I hope you'll have the grace to allow me to make what may be a stupid point based on my ignorance here.

To start off, you can feed a whole lot more people with a whole lot less money with plants, and that sounds to me like the greatest good for the greatest number. Just convert existing pasture land to farm land and grow legumes and rice and a couple other crops and you could probably feed the whole extant human population very cheaply on a fraction of the land we currently use for both ranching and farming. ...snip...

I agree fully. Years ago, I had this very thought in mind when I began a multi-year experiment with being a vegetarian (who ate eggs, dairy products, and seafood). I found I could be very healthy in that lifestyle and maintain my belief that a diet concentrated on animal protein is stupidly inefficient. I chose to end that experiment after about 3 years because in the USA, it's actually cheaper to eat meat!!

Being a vegetarian means that when you describe what you're going to have for a meal, it isn't simply "steak" or "pork chops" or "chicken" - you have to think of all the components of the meal in order to have a complete protein mix. Beans and corn (or rice) provide complete protein, for instance. I also found I was very much into making my own bread, including a sourdough bread, and my own yogurt. Eating was more than simply cramming food in - it became an experience that connected me to the whole planet. Call it mystical bs if you wish ...

The notion that I must eat something to live means that some living thing, be it animal or vegetable, has to give up its existence so I can gain energy for my continued survival. My diet needs to include complete proteins. All animals must eat something to survive - only green plants live completely on non-living "food" (sunshine, CO2, and trace elements) - and also microorganisms that live in very hostile environments where they draw on chemical energy other than that involved with standard photosythesis. The key, to me, is that it's most efficient to eat mostly vegetables. Some animals can be raised on land that is otherwise unsuitable for agriculture but they should not comprise more than a small part of one's total caloric intake. The Chinese use meat mostly for flavor, rather than to provide them with most of their protein.

I liked the vegetarian lifestyle, but it doesn't always travel well ...

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