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Humanist / Secularist geared group helping those in Haiti

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Humanist / Secularist geared group helping those in Haiti Empty Humanist / Secularist geared group helping those in Haiti

Post  synack Fri Jan 15, 2010 1:33 am

direct link to donate: https://secure.americanhumanist.org/SSLPage.aspx?pid=288
Children of the Border website: http://childrenoftheborder.wordpress.com/

As emailed by the organizer of a secular group I'm in (http://www.secularlife.net/):

"As I'm sure you've heard, a devastating 7.0-magnitude earthquake struck the impoverished Haitian capital of Port-au-Prince Tuesday afternoon, causing the destruction of thousands of buildings and a death toll that could reach many thousands. Officials report tens of thousands of people were left homeless.

Humanist Charities of the American Humanist Association (AHA) expresses its deep sorrow for the people affected by the massive devastation caused by the earthquake. To ensure rapid and effective response to this tragedy, Humanist Charities has established the Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund to support the relief efforts going on right now.

Humanist Charities is working with Sebastian Velez, evolutionary biologist at Harvard University and director of the Children of the Border project, which works to protect the rights and expand access to medical care and education for Haitian immigrants. Humanist Charities has previously supported Mr. Velez and the Children of the Border project when AHA members helped raise thousands of dollars to expand emergency medical service for expectant mothers living in the Haitian border region of the Dominican Republic in 2008.

Mr. Velez is currently in Haiti assessing the situation and will report back to us a humanist or secular organization that can receive funds directly to help with relief efforts. If none is found, Humanist Charities will make a donation to the American Red Cross' International Response Fund on your behalf.

We urge all members of the humanist and freethought community to join us in the relief effort. You can make a donation to the Humanist Charities' Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund online at www.humanistcharities.org or by calling 1-800-837-3792."

Hope this isn't considered as spam.


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