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Guest Suggestion: Douglas Groothuis

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Guest Suggestion: Douglas Groothuis Empty Guest Suggestion: Douglas Groothuis

Post  j Wed Jun 16, 2010 9:55 am

I recommend professor Douglas Groothuis be welcomed as a guest on your show. He's not only knows the Bible well, but he's also a philosopher, author, lecturer, and jazz drummer. I did write to him before suggesting him to see if he'd be interested. He did respond and said that he'd be willing to come on if 2 conditions were met: 1) one host; 2) one topic.

I think what he has to say is thought-provoking and important. His appearance would at least show visitors and listeners that, in reality, contrary to the caricature painted of them in the news media and some circles, Christianity does have articulate, thoughtful, and highly rational people concerned with philosophical issues, both contemporary and ancient.


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