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Supporting Church v. supporting Mel Gibson

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Supporting Church v. supporting Mel Gibson Empty Supporting Church v. supporting Mel Gibson

Post  LenLen Fri Jul 16, 2010 3:14 am

I have a beginner's question. I realize that the root conversations have likely been concluded on most laypeople topics, and to those that are well-read, this question is likely a waste of time. Smile

With the recent exposure of Mel Gibson's private behavior becoming public, and the subsequent reactions, I wonder if the situation is analogous to the Catholic Church's sexual abuse in a specific way.

My wife and her family identify themselves as Catholic, I don't identify at all. I was accomidating in attending 'mass' with my wife and kids from time to time, though I had an inability to continue after the churchs' scandal. I felt I would be contributing to the attitude of aversion and omission of what they did, and accepted their designed institution as divine. I felt my personal integrity at risk by contributing to their cause, though nobody in my family had the same feelings or thoughts.

I'm wondering if the support of Mel's movies is an analogous circumstance with reasonable ground for comparison. I don't expect it will be for my family, though I personally wonder if the logic is sound.


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