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Ideas for segments

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Ideas for segments Empty Ideas for segments

Post  bob52 Sun Oct 31, 2010 11:41 pm

Hi Guys

I love the podcast. I started listening to the shows a few weeks ago and have listened to all but 5 shows. I have an idea for a deconversion subject that comes under the heading of counter apologetics. There is a book I read that helped me to get past some of my lingering psychology from being a believer, and it is called "Leaving the Fold" by Dr. Marlene Winell. I think Dr. Winell would make for a great segment that would help people that are in the deconversion process.

I would also like to mention that I read a recent book by Stephen Prothero called God is Not One - In this book Prothero offers a "Codex on Atheism" where he attempts to draw parallels to atheism as a religion. Prothero would make for a good interview.

The Book "In Praise of Doubt - How to have Convictions Without Becoming a Fanatic" by Peter Berger and Anton Zijderveld helped me to open my eyes to the danger of relativism and I would want to hear an interview with the authors or your comments on the book.

I took your recommendation and read "Secular Conscience" by Austin Dacey and I thought it covered some of the same ground as In praise of doubt but from a different perspective.

Thanks again for putting together such a wonderful show! I will keep listening and tell others.




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Ideas for segments Empty Re: Ideas for segments

Post  Lausten Wed Jan 26, 2011 3:30 pm

Have you heard of this guy?

Michael Dowd

He tries to bring science to religion without completely losing the "god" language. Not too popular with fundamentalists.

He seems pretty accessible, I suspect he would be interested in being on the show.

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