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Building the Org

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Building the Org Empty Building the Org

Post  Lausten Thu Jul 21, 2011 7:50 pm

CFI Center Stage
I just listened to the above. It is a rare talk that outlines the demographics, then makes some practical suggestions for action. Very pertinent given the recent difficulties uncovered regarding women feeling unwelcome at atheist events.

The one that interests me is the idea of being "episode" based instead regular meetings about philosophical thoughts. That is, when something actually happens, like a kid is harmed in some way for being athiest, or an inappropriate prayer is done somewhere, or local government crosses the religion boundary, have a social network in place that can be mobilized. I have done this for neighborhood organizing, unrelated to atheism, and it seems to fit the lifestyles of working families, as well as their lack of interest in being permanently affiliated with a particular group. People with these characteristics, according to the speech, are an important demographic of the "Nones".

I'd be interested hear anyone's ideas or experiences along these lines.

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