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Origins of the name Israel

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Origins of the name Israel Empty Origins of the name Israel

Post  airbusguy2000 Thu Aug 04, 2011 4:28 pm

Hello Jeremy, Luke and Justin,

I am a big fan of the show. I heard or read somewhere that the name “Israel” came from three gods of the era:




Any truth to this notion?

Regards, Steve from Fountain Hills, AZ

P.S. - I may have missed it, but what is your e-mail address? Couldn't find it on the blog home page. The doubcast gmail address eems to be in need of a little resurrection, Elisha style!


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Origins of the name Israel Empty Re: Israel

Post  Nik K Mon Aug 22, 2011 10:05 pm

I've often wondered about this. The Bible says that the name Israel was given to Jacob after he wrestled with God all night and it means "he who wrestles with God" "Isra el". But then I noticed how it could as easily come from "Ish Rahel" meaning the tribe (lit. "from") of Rachel. I had never heard the Isis Ra El theory.

Nik K

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