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Creationist display at Tulsa Zoo?

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Creationist display at Tulsa Zoo? Empty Creationist display at Tulsa Zoo?

Post  exxian Wed Sep 16, 2009 3:37 am

Born and raised in Tulsa.

This is so embarrassing.

First Mrs. Falling proclaims (quite rightly) that the government should NOT favor any religion over another. She complains that the statue of Ganesh in the Tulsa Zoo violates that rule.

Then what does she do? Instead of requesting that the Ganesh statue be removed, she says we should ADD a creationist display.

Sure, let's just add a symbol of EVERY creation story, shall we? What is that.. like over four thousand displays?
I mean.. we wouldn't want to make any ONE religion more favored than another... oh wait she means as long as it isn't Christianity.

Secondly, she says Tulsa has twice the national violence rate because it has become LESS religious?


Out of the entire country, TULSA is more violent because it is LESS Christian?


That kind of inanity takes big ones.

..and I don't mean brain[/b]s. [/b]

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Creationist display at Tulsa Zoo? Empty Re: Creationist display at Tulsa Zoo?

Post  Nicholas Wed Sep 16, 2009 5:39 am

How dare she quote the Declaration of Independence. Within the first 30 seconds she's managed to offend me in ways it usually takes at least a few minutes to do.

I could only barely finish the video, in all honesty. It was so utterly infuriating. She has absolutely NO grasp of what the 1st Amendment states, or what separation of church and states really means. And judging by the random crowd comments, neither does anyone else.

Unfortunately, she's part of a rather vocal demographic that sees this as a Christian nation - whether we like it or not. I only hope the secular population of Tulsa can shut this woman the hell up.

You stay classy, Mrs. Falling.

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