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Counter Apologetics:

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Post  Matthew Tue Aug 10, 2010 8:43 am

I actually did a bunch of research on Antony Flew not too long ago. I was reading anything on atheism I could find and came across his book Atheistic Humanism along with the last book There Is A God. It seems to me that a good man was taken advantage of by others to promote their own ideas. Link : http://secweb.infidels.org/?kiosk=articles&id=369


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Counter Apologetics: - Page 2 Empty Problems with Anselm's argument

Post  jgoemat Tue Oct 19, 2010 7:22 pm

This is the first I've experienced Gödel's, but it is similar to Anselm's. I found one major flaw with the axioms. Is it possible that a maximally great being exists? If the being were maximally great, it would encompass all energy in that possible world and every quark would obey its will, so people could not exist in that world.

The main logical fallacy though is with step 3: "If a maximally great being exists in some possible world, then it exists in every possible world." I believe that Anselm's argument was that a) God exists in the imagination, b) God existing in both the imagination and in reality is greater than God existing just in the imagination and c) therefore God must exist in reality. When differentiating between existence in reality and "existence" in the imagination (one possible world or all possible worlds in Gödel's), the arguments ignore that existence in reality (or all possible worlds) is one of the criteria. God CANNOT exist in the imagination, because he would be a greater being if he existed in reality. Similarly if you define greatness as existing in all possible worlds, you cannot have a God in ANY individual world because that thing would not exist in all.

Imagine existing in the mind is gray and in reality is green. If I say I KNOW I have a gray shirt (i.e. God exists in my mind), therefore it must be green! God existing in my mind can never be green because it is by definition gray, in my mind.

In Gödel's terms, God CANNOT exist on any possible world because a God on one world would not fit the definition of God, i.e. maximally existent. Even if God did exist on all worlds, God could not exist on any one, therefore God does not exist.


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