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Determinator vs. Michio Kaku

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Determinator vs. Michio Kaku Empty Determinator vs. Michio Kaku

Post  Brad Fri Apr 22, 2011 10:39 am

Given previous discussions regarding determinism on RD, I thought this little video bit by Michio Kaku might be worth mentioning on the show or discussing here.

It looks to me like an unfortunate illustration of the fact that even really smart people can reason poorly and/or think they know much more than they do when they venture outside their area of expertise, i.e., hubris.

I think this because, in short, biological creatures on earth are not directly comparable to either the micro or macro universe.
In other words, every aspect of theoretical physics is not, or certainly doesn't appear to be, applicable to the realms of biology / neurology.
But I'm not as smart as Mr./Dr./Prof. Kaku, so it's at least somewhat Laughing possible that I could be wrong!

Anyone else have an opinion on Mr. Kaku's views on free will vs. determinism?

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